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You can easily get in touch using the contact form on my website or by email. I will then contact you promptly to discuss your requirements.
The offer includes all details about the requested services, including prices and services. After our initial conversation, I will send you a tailor-made offer by email.
Before the shoot, we will discuss all the important details together so that you are as prepared as possible. This includes location selection, clothing recommendations and any special requirements.

Processing time varies depending on the scope of the project. However, you can usually expect a delivery time of 5-10 working days. If you have special requirements, we can discuss this in advance.

My focus is on producing image films and social media content for the sports, outdoor and tourism industries. I work with clients in German-speaking countries as well as within and outside of Europe. I create contemporary short films, documentaries and images – with a particular focus on drone footage.

wherever you are in this world, I wish you
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