Since 2018, I have become a go-to-source for various companies, specializing in creating content from the fields of sports, outdoor and tourism. A life-long passion for exploring the outdoors through a love of biking, skiing and water sports fuels my creative work. While my master’s degree in engineering strongly fuels the analytical.

Because of these features, I’ve been able to deliver to companies the whole package. From precise action-oriented videos to stilled captivating imagery. By using my certification in UAV piloting, I can handle various drone models to capture seamless and hassle-free recordings. Such video recordings that are used for contemporary social media content, film advertisements and photo stories. Making them captivating and exciting enough that they elicit the attention of their viewers. At completion, these recordings are ready to launch a media platform to another level. I believe every company should have a compelling and competent visual creator in order to translate the story of their brand. I bring every story, every brand narrative to life!

My focus is on the need of your company to showcase your vision to attract current and potential customers and employees. Using this form of visual poetry is the way to get people engaged and on board for that journey. If you’re ready to create this appeal, let’s get started!

wherever you are in this world, I wish you
a wonderful day!